This Backpack Answers Problems You Don’t Know You Have

The Connect Smart Pack from Kathmandu comes outfitted with integrated technology for convenience and security making it a trusted companion.


Finding the best bag for all your traveling can be a hard nut to crack. Today, of course, it isn’t just about the cut and comfort of a bag — though those will always be at the top of the list — but also how seamlessly it can integrate your specific tech needs. Today, your backpack almost certainly has a cushioned laptop sleeve at the very least. The Connect Smart Pack from Kathmandu comes outfitted with integrated technology for convenience and security making this bag a trusty travel companion ready to take on any adventure. This offering from Kathmandu is sure to change the way you pack for foreign lands.

Key Specs

Dimensions: 54cmx W 34cm x D 26cm
Battery Strength: 25 hours of talk time
Weight: 36.4 oz


The Connect Smart Pack can keep you plugged in when you are on the road, so you can stay in the moment without worrying about how to stay charged. But of course, it wouldn’t be Kathmandu if it wasn’t also a great backpack. It doesn’t just rely on its battery features, the Connect Smart Pack also features a streamlined and organized design that would make any travel junkie envious. It is easy to hit the road with one of these on your back.

Buy Now: $350

Charging Capability


With the Joey smart unit built into the Connect Smart Pack, your bag is capable of keeping your smartphone easily juiced up. Its powerful battery allows you to travel for days without having to recharge — adding up to 25 hours of talk time to your smartphone in one charge. You can also charge your Joey smart unit while simultaneously keeping your device plugged in so you never have to stop the power flow. Another top feature of the Joey is the connected smartphone app that allows you to allocate how much time to charge each of your devices so they all get the attention they deserve.

Security Features


The Connect Smart Pack is also chock-full of security features as well thanks to the Joey. Through the Joey smart unit and its app, there is a distance alarm that alerts you when your phone becomes separated from your bag — especially useful if you are out exploring a new unknown locale. You can also dial your phone straight from the Joey unit built into the bag to help you locate it if you do get separated from your trusty smartphone. All together the Connect Smart Pack doesn’t just feature a charger but is a full-on piece of wearable technology.

Superb Organization


Like any good knapsack, this bag has its organizational components locked down. The Connect Smart Pack features sleeves for laptop and tablet as well as an inner compartment for your devices’ cables — so you will be sure to have all of them at your fingertips no matter where you are. Of course, you also have pockets to fit your phone, keys, drink bottle and other items. If you are traveling in the dark, the pack is outfitted with internal LED lights to help you find what you are looking for.

Lightweight Harness


At the end of the day, a bag is only as good as how comfortable it is to carry it. And in that area, Kathmandu is no slouch either. A molded back panel designed to protect your tech and fit comfortably on your back to help carry the load. The breathable, light harness will help you go the distance in comfort and keep your sweat from bringing you down. There is no better way to haul what you need from your next adventure or your routine business trip.

Buy Now: $350

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