Some of the Most Unique Japanese Sunglasses Are Now Available Online

Five unique frames for sale at Self Edge.


Some of the best Japanese sunglasses available are now available to buy online at Self Edge. Made by Masahiro Maruyama, these unique frames are utilize titanium and acetate construction. Before founding his own brand, Maruyama designed large mainstream eyewear collections. But with his own venture, he wanted to challenge industry standards.

He sketches each design on paper instead of using CAD software and champions asymmetrical silhouettes with idiosyncratic details. And like other high-end Japanese eyewear, Masahiro Maruyama glasses are crafted in the city of Sabae. So if you’ve been looking for a new pair of sunglasses, and want a pair that merges craft and design, these are worth spending on.

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MM-0040 / #4 by Masahiro Maruyama $625

MM-0040 / #5 by Masahiro Maruyama $625

MM-0039 / #2 by Masahiro Maruyama $625

MM-0029 / #2 by Masahiro Maruyama $625

MM-0042 / #4 by Masahiro Maruyama $485

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