These Red Wing Heritage Boots Are Inspired by a Vintage Model

A collaboration with Swedish brand Indigofera.


Red Wing Heritage collaborated with Swedish brand Indigofera on a new boot inspired by the vintage Lineman Model. The new Climber boot was inspired by a pair of 8-inch 919 boots made in 1977, designed for workers servicing high power lines.

It features a tall 8-inch shaft with speed hooks, full-grain black leather from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company, Goodyear welt construction and a vintage-appropriate green sole. Red Wing originally used green rubber soles on its boots back dating back to 1956. Indigofera acknowledged it is unclear why the unique sole color was used but shared speculation.

“One theory is that it was an indication that the sole was compounded with the Electrical Hazard insulation between you and the ground; so if you happened to touch a live wire, you wouldn’t get shocked,” the brand explained in a statement. “It gave wearers confidence that the shoe you were wearing was guaranteed to be safe whilst working up high lines.”

The boot retails for about $428 will be available on September 21 in 42 stores across the world. It is a limited released, though — 600 pairs were made — so if you want a pair, don’t wait.

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