These Legendary Colognes from Montblanc Take Precise to a New Level

Montblanc’s fragrances can suit any man, with precision and depth a hallmark of all its scents — it’s easy to find one that suits you.


Montblanc’s fragrances can suit any man, with precision and depth a hallmark of all its scents — it’s easy to find one that suits you. The brand’s Legend scent has quickly worked its way into our hearts and onto the wrists of men the world over. But this scent isn’t for anybody — but rather for a particular man — the man who prefers says little but you always know is there. He is subtle, confident and assured. How does Monblanc’s Legend capture that distinctive quality? Through the precise and beautiful work of master perfumer Olivier Pescheux. Montblanc created this exquisite scent you will be longing for.

The scent of Legend simultaneously expresses strength and softness, clarity and mystery through its complex makeup. This very masculine yet subtle scent belongs to the fougère fragrance family, making its presence felt without ever becoming ostentatious. The first notes are lightly aromatic, with lavender — essential in the fougère construction — coming through along with bergamot and pineapple leaves which are clearly recognizable. The middle notes vibrate intensely. Evernyl — a molecule highly reminiscent of oakmoss — deploys its warm depth. Notes of jasmine, white cedar, pomarose, a touch of sandalwood and dry amber help round out Legend. But no fougère could ever be without coumarin, the inimitable note of the tonka bean.

Alongside the understated and refined Legend is the more rugged Explorer. Built for the man with adventure in his blood, Montblanc enlisted top perfumers Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux. Each of them brought a single ingredient from around the world to give the Explorer the globe-trotting scent Montblanc was after. The scent features notes of bergamot from Italy, vetiver from Haiti and patchouli from Indonesia. Each of these ingredients is combined to produce a deep rich scent that is pleasing and apparent, yet subtle.

As with everything that Montblanc makes, style and design are essential. The Legend bottle captures a sense of masculinity, timeless design and bears all the classic Montblanc hallmarks. The curved solid shape with a flowing smoothness echoes the feel of the iconic black Montblanc Meisterstück pen. The intense black glass and metal top further add to the effect. At the stopper, three “rings” continue to capture the spirit of the Meisterstuck 149 frame — the famous guilloche brand signature. The bottle of Explorer is equally thoughtful — a weighty European-made bottle wrapped in textured leather, sporting the simple-but-iconic white Montblanc star.

If you are looking for a gift for that enigmatic charmer in your life or the global adventurer, Montblanc has the scent that will soon be his go-to.

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