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Levi's Is Selling a Remake of Albert Einstein’s Original Leather Jacket

Physics fans, ready your wallets: 2022's version of the physicist's famous jacket drops in Japan this week.

collage of albert einstein wearing a jacket next to an orange leather jacket

Noted for his Theory of Relativity and wispy white hair, Albert Einstein is also looked to for his professorial drip. Need proof? He's on both dorm room walls and menswear moodboards aplenty. And although there are loads of photographs of him suited up in tweed (waistcoat included), his Menlo Cossack leather jacket, made by Levi’s, is almost as legendary as the man himself. Now, you can have an exact replica, courtesy of Levi's sub-label Levi's Vintage Clothing, albeit in a brighter dye.

In order to reproduce his iconic jacket, Levi’s bought the original at a Christie’s auction in 2016...for $147,000. A dark brown rendition that got darker as you neared the cuffs and hem, he probably bought it in a lighter color and let it darken with constant wear.


That's what Levi's hopes you do with the all-new Cognac Menlo Cossack Jacket, which comes in a box adorned with an illustration of a smoking Einstein contrasted by a pink lipstick kiss pattern. Inside, there's a photo portrait of him and a remake of the paddle Levi's used to bid on the original.

"I was inspired by Oscar Wilde’s tomb in Paris, which for years was covered in actual lipstick kisses left behind from tourists visiting his grave. It was really beautiful," Paul O’Neill, Head Designer for Levi’s Made & Crafted and Levi’s® Vintage Clothing, says.

Previous versions of the jacket might've been more traditional — hell, the black one that dropped in 2019 came finished with a custom scent made by D.S. & DURGA — this cognac colored one is a refreshing twist.

The rare reproduction — in women's sizing, so size up, men — drops via Levi's US on December 5th and is limited to just 250 pieces.

Price: $1,500


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