7 Style Resolutions to Make for 2020

Working on your inner self through New Year’s Resolutions is great and all, but we at the style desk have some outward-facing resolutions to submit to you.


With each new year comes upticks in gym memberships and salad consumption, resolutions for self-improvement. As resolute as your inward-facing commitments may be, the human facade often gets passed over. I’m not saying to ignore working on your inner self, but what I am saying is that style resolutions are resolutions too.

For 2020, we’ve made a few New Year’s style resolutions and want to pass them on to you — here are seven to consider.

Size up

The slim silhouette might never go away, but what’s certain is that the masses have taken it too far. If you think you can’t possibly be a part of said masses, Google ‘False-Uniqueness Effect’ and be honest with yourself. There is a difference between a slim fit and too tight. Learn it. Size up. Relax. Breathe.

Tailor your clothes


Off-the-rack clothing is a starting point. And unless you’re someone with the genetic makeup of a fit model, your clothes could probably use some fine-tuning. Tailor your store-bought clothes to fit you slightly better. No amount of posture finagling will fix the drape of your jacket or the length of your sleeves. Start off easy by tailoring your pants and sleeves to a proper length. It’ll make you realize how poorly the rest of your closet fits.

This also ties back with the first resolution. It’s easier to tailor your clothes if you size up than it is to fix something that’s too small.

Pants with a slight break

By all means, show off your ankles if that’s your prerogative. I’m just saying that cropped pants aren’t for everyone and nor should they be. For more information, refer to ‘Tailor Your Clothes’.

Buy more vintage


The top spot in my list of pleasures is occupied by vintage clothing. Specifically, the disappointment in someone’s face when they ask me where I got my coat and I have to tell them, “It’s vintage.” You can’t get this anywhere else. It is unique. A snowflake that I, with my exacting taste, surgically removed from the snowy mountain range of vintage clothes.

But more importantly, the world does not need more new clothes. There aren’t naked people running amok on the streets. Statistically speaking, the vast majority of amok-running is done by the clothed. Buying vintage bypasses waste and tells a more unique story. Get into it.

Make it personal

You have two eyeballs and exactly a gazillion brands scrambling for your attention. If you’re going to buy something new, look for brands with a personal connection. Small brands, local brands, friends who make things. Our clothes tell stories and finding something that’s unique to you is more interesting than anything you’ll find in a big box store peddling clone clothes.

Experiment more with your style


Admirable as it is to have a personal uniform, exploring style outside of your comfort zone can be more fun, if a bit daunting. Maybe the daunting part is what makes it fun. Start with some style element you admire on other people but don’t necessarily have in your closet. Find a color, a pattern, a silhouette or an accessory you’re unsure of and try it on at a store, or borrow a piece from a friend. You might surprise yourself.

Or not. The point is to open up your mind to more style options and tap into your creativity through clothes. Clothes are functional, firstly. Beyond that, they’re entertainment and a form of self-expression. Express!

Have three solid, never-fail outfits for each season

As best you can, try to always leave the house feeling good in your clothes. Most often, this has less to do with the clothes themselves and more to do with what’s going on inside. (Side resolution: find a good therapist). For the days you can’t muster the mental strength to craft a ‘fit, you should have three bench outfits at the ready. These are outfits you’ll always look good in, ones you can rely on when your star fit injured itself and is recovering at the dry cleaners or when creativity seems to be out of office. If you don’t have anything in mind yet, take some time on the weekend to sift through your closet and figure out your bench. Tip: start with your favorite jeans.

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