The Rugged and Stylish Boot That Anyone Can Rock

We found three Blundstone fans who live and work in their boots to see how they keep their style grounded and why a pair of bunnies are the only choice.


Blundstone boots have inspired a loyal following. These Australian do-anything boots aren’t just for the outback anymore, fans far and wide pull them on every day for work and pleasure — from crafting and creating in workshops and coffee shops to being on the move from hikes to subway platforms.

There are many reasons why people love their Blundstone boots; durability, comfort and their premium materials are just a few. But the main reason that sparks such a love and devotion to a simple product? Their iconic style. Blundstones go well with every staple you have in your closet — whether that’s a pair of blue jeans or a coverall for the workshop. Perhaps better yet, they only get better with age — contrary to most products these days.

We found three creators who share our passion for Blundstone, who live and work in their boots, and visited them in their creative space. We sat down to ask them how they keep their style grounded and why a pair of “blunnies” is their go-to choice.

Thomas Callahan of Horse Cycles


Thomas Callahan spends most of his days crafting beautiful custom-made bicycles, a process that puts his pair of Blundstones through their paces. Callahan started Horse Cycles a decade ago, and in addition to making beautiful road and commuter bikes he also crafts small good like knives. Callahan’s bikes have a strong following among in-the-know cyclists — including here at Gear Patrol — who wait up to six months for Callahan to begin their frame. Out of his South Williamsburg workshop, Callahan makes his bike frames all by hand with both an expert artist’s eye and mechanical precision at a rate of about one a week. When he rolls up his workshop’s metal gate, Thomas is more than likely in his Blundstone boots, which he wears for the demanding task of building bicycles and when off duty.



Q: When did you get your first pair of Blundstone boots?

Thomas Callahan: “My wife is from Australia so I got my first pair there. I needed a work boot for welding and fabrication, and I thought I’d try Blundstones and see how they fared. Now, I wear them all the time! Every day for the past two years, whether I’m at the shop or out to dinner. They are very comfortable. I love that I can slip them on and off for a perfect fit every time. Because of the durable leather, they hold up great in the workshop with all the metal sparks, scuffing and on and on.”


Q: How do your boots fit into your personal style?

TC: “The boots work with my style but they are a wild card. They are work boots but they don’t make me look like I’m trying to fit all the pieces together as if I were wearing Redwings. So they look great but don’t make it look like I’m trying so hard for the perfect outfit. The Blundstones are understated and uncompromising. I’ll most likely be wearing Blundstones in the workshop for the rest of my days. I love the style because they are a work boot and I’m a guy who runs a workshop, but they are not clunky construction boots. My daily outfit is Blundstones, denim pants and a denim work coat.”


500 by Blundstone in Stout Brown

The Blundstone 500s are the original Blundstoneboot, and are as good now as they ever were. Lightweight and with a cushioned midsole, you can wear these all day long without fail.

Buy Now: $185

Viscaya Wagner of Honey & Rust


Growing up in rugged Vermont, Viscaya Wagner was no stranger to Blundstone boots. In fact, her whole family was wearing them before she wised up to the idea three years ago — and she has hardly taken them off since. Now based in Brooklyn, the designer and illustrator spends her days in her shared Industry City studio, working on both commissioned and personal work under the name Honey & Rust. In her paint-splattered studio, her Blundstone boots are surprisingly paint-free — despite wearing them nearly every day. From the mountains of Vermont to mural installations in NYC boroughs, Blundstones are Wagner’s go-to’s.



Q: How did you become such a fan of Blundstone boots?

Viscaya Wagner: “I grew up in Vermont, where the running joke is that everyone drives a Subaru and wears Blundstones — which holds up for the most part. My parents always wore them for yard work and kicking around on the weekend, and my step-sisters never took them off no matter what the activity. So for me, they were always considered a staple item for any closet.

I bought my first pair after moving back east from Jackson, Wyoming. I had always wanted a pair and felt it was time I return to my roots. I love that they’re both practical and aesthetic. They’re clean, simple, understated — with that classic Chelsea boot form. I think the heritage of the brand is a lot of what I appreciate about the boots; they just feel iconic.”


Q: How do Blundstone’s click with your own style?

VW: “I definitely think I have a daily uniform, and it seems to be a loose sweater, jeans and my Blundstones. I try to change it up, but what can I say? A girl likes what she likes. I wear them most days, no matter what I’m up to. I feel like I can go from cruising the city to working in the studio to hiking up in Vermont without thinking about it. No matter what the weather or activity, Blundstone’s are my go-to because they’re so classic; no laces, no fuss, just a good old fashion Chelsea boot. I also love that I don’t have to think about ruining them; they’re super durable and long-lasting. I’ve had mine a little over three years and they still look great.


550 by Blundstone in Rustic Brown

The rugged cousin of the 500s, the Blundstone 550s boast more burly outsoles and removable comfort footbeds with XRD Technology for shock absorption and comfort.

Buy Now: $195

Elliott Foos of Daymoves


Some of the best cafes in New York City all have one thing in common: Elliott Foos. After stints as the Director of Coffee at Gem and the venerable Sey Coffee in Brooklyn, Foos may be one of the most well-known friendly faces you can run into. Now, he is the general manager at Daymoves, the James Murphy-owned cafe and bar-come-night spot nestled right next to its sister restaurant, the recently Michelin-starred Four Horsemen. From pulling shots to flipping vinyl, Foos can be seen in his well-worn Blundstone boots for all-day comfort and style.



Q: When did you get your first pair of Blundstone boots?

Elliott Foos: “I got into Blundstones five years ago when I moved to New York. I’d been noticing them in kitchens and behind bars, and really liked the look of them — beat up, dressed up, with jeans or trousers. I needed a good everyday shoe, something sensible that could I wear in the New York weather, and Blundstones made a lot of sense.”


Q: What is it about your boots that keeps you slipping them on?

EF: “I like a chelsea boot. When I played soccer and hockey as a kid, I used to wish I didn’t need laces — it’s always been a detail I enjoy. They’re great work shoes because they’re made to be beaten to hell — worn all the time. They’re an easy choice — on the days I don’t want to think about footwear too hard, they’re a standby. Both behind the bar and at home, they’re a really great option with so many outfits — there are certainly days that I need to wear my loafers, but when I’m feeling a little less conspicuous, a simple beat-up boot is great.”


Chelsea Boot #063 by Blundstone in Black

The Black Blundstone Chelsea Boot #063 has a bit of a dressier edge but is the same rugged boot that can go anywhere. It also features the SPS Max Comfort system for shock absorption that adds even more comfort to the lightweight boot.

Buy Now: $190

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