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16 Style Releases We Obsessed About This Week

From kelly green windbreaker shorts to Sid Vicious stompers and more, it’s all in this week’s roundup of best style releases.


Staying inside all day leaves us with a lot of time to window shop. Hey, it’s part of the job. The windows we found ourselves cemented in front of this week included sartorial collabs, a compelling case for 1970s style in the form of a knitted polo shirt, really weird shoes and more.

Hodinkee x Drake’s Pocket Squares

A sartorial mashup.

Buy Now: $79

18east Drop 3

18east’s third drop of the season is a masterclass on texture and hand-printed fabrics.

Learn More: Here

Rowing Blazers x Lands’ End

A very colorful, very preppy collaboration to brighten up your days.

Learn More: Here

Levi’s x Super Mario

Blue jeans for everyone’s favorite plumber.

Learn More: Here

Nepenthes x Suicoke RAC Shoes

We love boots. We love classic sneakers. We also really love a weird shoes.

Buy Now: ~$175

Blue Blue Japan Slim-Fit Indigo-Dyed Two-Tone Linen-Chambray Shirt

Tommy Tutone? More like Tommy Bluetone.

Buy Now: $405

Story Mfg. Grateful Tee

This homage to the wonderfully weird Grateful Dead community is dyed and printed by hand.

Buy Now: ~$118

Sex Pistols x Dr. Martens

Shoe Vicious.

Learn More: Here

Akila x Rokit Apollo Sunglasses

When it comes to sunny skies, tint, don’t squint.

Buy Now: $139

Pop Trading Company Herman Shirt

This tomato-red shirt is neither a fruit nor a vegetable. It’s a shirt.

Buy Now: $135

Coach 1941 Front Pocket Messenger Bag

A handy, durable and beautiful addition to the everyday carry. Call it what it is.

Buy Now: $395

Nonnative Rancher Shirt Jacket

When east meets west, we get some serious heat in the style department.

Buy Now: $521

Lemaire Knitted Jersey Polo

Lemaire is championing the ’70s groove with a polo shirt in hand.

Buy Now: $466

South2 West8 Classic Shirt

Not sure what about this makes it a classic, but I’m guessing it’s just predicting its future.

Buy Now: $435

Camiel Fortgens Inserted Sleeveless Shirt

Camiel Fortgens is mastering the medium of the blue oxford shirt.

Buy Now: $454

Paa Windbreaker Shorts


There’s a difference between windbreaker and breaking wind.

Buy Now: $175

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