Skinny Fatties

They're not fat, they're just big-boned
Skinny Fatties

We’re not all in on the skinny tie phenomenon. But they’re absolutely a part of your style arsenal and happen to be in big time right now — besides, those extra-bloated wide-os make you look like your fat uncle. Brooklyn-based Skinny Fatties has the simple, cost-effective and good-looks-inducing solution: for $30 bucks, they’ll Jenny-Craig your favorite chubby neckpiece and send it back to you within a week. All of this is done to your specification, of course. You choose, in quarter-inch increments (between 2 and 3 inches), how wide your shiny new tie will be, and whether it’ll have pointed or flat ends. It’s all done carefully and in a way that’ll last. Just remember, you could probably drop a few inches of your own width while you’re in a downsizing mood.

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$30 per tie

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