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Hair Reaching an Awkward Length? It’s Time to Get a New Hat

The next haircut is somewhere far beyond the no man’s land of awkward hair length.


It’s been minutes, several in fact, since you’ve had a haircut. Who knows when barbershops will open up again — your guess is as good as mine. And though you could get by for a while, there’s a certain area between rakishly unkempt and “I’m growing out my hair” that few are willing to cross. It may be only a few inches but it’s an awkward no man’s land to traverse before your do looks intentional. This is where hats come in. Whether lengthy locks are the end goal or you’re trying to just stick it out until you see a professional, a hat can see you through.

You could take a trip to Murphy’s Law Barber and ask to get cut by the guy in the mirror, but you may not want to have DIY projects not so close to your face. So pick up a hat to keep you safe from harm’s butterfingers and funny stares during Zoom meetings — here are a few of our favorites.

Hats inside? Why not! Getting dressed like you’re going to the office gives some sense of normalcy and can be part of your work uniform. In the morning, put on a pot of coffee and your favorite hat to signal to your brain that it’s time for work. At the end of the day, take it off and let your hair down.

A good hat won’t just hide your hair, but it can also complement your face. It’ll protect you from the sun and the occasional surprise shower. A great hat will do it all. At least, until barbershops are back in business.

Spotlight OK Dad Hat by Outerknown $30

Bird Brother Hat by Mollusk $35

Don’t Trip Unstructured Hat by Free & Easy $40

Hooligan II Driving Cap by Brixton $43

Reversible Bucket Hat by Alex Mill $45

Gear Cap by Mister Green $48

Wax Sports Cap by Barbour $50

Texas Playboys Cap by Ebbets Field Flannels $54

Selvedge Chino Dad Hat by Todd Snyder x New Era $58

Shell Reversible Bucket Hat by Gramicci $59

Khaki Orange Banded Hat by Corridor $65

Ribbed Linen-Cotton Blend Beanie by Beams Plus $65

Cotton-Corduroy Bucket Hat by Séfr $100

Reversible Printed Cotton Bucket Hat by Lovat & Green $105

Bandana Patchwork Baseball Cap by Kapital $218

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