Get a Free Pair of YORK Sneakers by Donating a Pair

Support a frontline worker by keeping them on their feet.


Few things are better than a great pair of sweatpants. Odds are, you’re probably getting to spend a bit more time in your favorite pair these days as well. But many essential and frontline workers aren’t as lucky — they’re out there fighting the fight to keep us safe. Still, what if you could give them the feeling of sweatpants while they’re out on the job? Enter the Henry Sweatshirt sneakers from YORK Athletics MFG. and its Fight From Home initiative. Right now, when you donate a pair of Henry Sweatshirt sneakers to a frontline worker, you can snag a free pair of any YORK Athletics sneakers for yourself. It’s a great way to support essential workers and refresh your closet at the same time.

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