This New Hoody from KUHL Is the Go-To Garment for Sun-Protection

The AIRKÜHL Hoody is made from super soft, snag-resistant yarn in an open-air construction for improved moisture-wicking and breathability.


Summer is finally here in force; Memorial Day has come and gone, which means by now so has that awful sunburn you get every single year after convincing yourself you don’t need to wear sunscreen. There are two major downsides to summer weather: burns and bites — so unless you’re bathing in sunscreen and toweling OFF!, the best way to avoid a life of itchy misery is just to cover up. Now, if you happen to think that Hell is wearing a hoody in ninety degree heat, then wearing the AIRKÜHL Hoody is tantamount to Hell freezing over. Made from super soft, snag-resistant UPF 50+ yarn with an open-air construction for improved moisture-wicking and breathability, the AIRKÜHL Hoody is your new go-to garment for lightweight sun-protection. Click the link below to find out more.

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