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You Definitely Need a Passport Wallet for Traveling

Passport, vaccine record, cash, cards, Real ID — just a few reasons you'll need a passport wallet now that we can get moving again.

bellroy apex wallet

When you head out on your next trip you might realize that you're juggling more items at check-in than before. A simple bifold wallet has thrived in the past, but instead of constantly pulling out your wallet and putting it back, removing your passport and keeping it in your pocket or shoving a boarding pass into your backpack's front pocket, opt for something a little more organized: a passport wallet.

A passport wallet does the work of a handful of items: It keeps your cards and cash secure just like a wallet, it has a dedicated sleeve for your passport (which you will need, maybe even for domestic travel) and it holds your boarding passes. Depending on where you're going (especially if it's international), it will keep your Covid vaccine record close, as well. Keeping everything in one spot maintains organization that saves time, keeps you from losing things and gives you peace of mind that you have everything in its place. As long as you can see your passport wallet, you know you have everything.

There are a ton of options when it comes to buying a passport wallet, so it is impossible to be exhaustive, but we tracked down a number of great options that fit the bill. Some are similar to a standard wallet, only bigger. Some are a little larger and also have a zipper for security and others go over your shoulder, keeping your items close to your chest and in sight at all times. Regardless of what you opt for, having a passport wallet when headed on vacation will save you multiple headaches and let you do what you're there to do: relax.

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Bellroy Apex Passport Cover

Bellroy is the cream of the crop when it comes to wallet and EDC and this is the ultimate package: it features precision-molded leather and features lamination instead of stitching for a seamless design.

Madewell Leather Passport Case

This simple leather case has two card sleeves and a sleeve for your passport. Sometimes, simple is best. Just don't think of this offering as settling, as it's definitely still a superb option for all your travel wallet needs.

Bellroy Travel Passport Wallet

While Bellroy's Apex line is certainly its top-shelf option, the "lower-tier" offering is still one of the all-around best on the market. Along with a stunning leather construction, it also has antimicrobial properties, a hideaway micro travel pen, hidden slots and so much more.

Tanner Good Passport Travel Wallet

Carefully crafted from heritage materials and boasting a slick, minimalist exterior, this USA-handmade travel hauler can securely transport your passport, cash, cards and other documents.

Red Wing Passport Wallet
Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing has been making quality leather goods forever — when you buy something you know it will last. That doesn't suddenly change when it's the brand's USA-made passport wallet.

Fjallraven Leather Passport Cover

Having already proven itself as a solid outdoor apparel brand, Fjallraven also offers up a range of other pieces of gear and accessories. That includes this smart-looking leather passport wallet.

Shinola Utility Passport Wallet

Another superb offering from the Detroit-based brand, Shinola's take on a passport travel wallet is handcrafted from genuine Nubuck leather that will age beautifully over time. And, of course, it can still carry everything you need while on the move.

Dango P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet - DTEX

Combining travel-friendliness with a bit of multifunctionality, Dango's passport wallet actually includes a 5-function MT01 multi-tool, which is TSA-compliant but also removable. It's also made from a durable, weatherproof synthetic called DTEX.

Flowfold Navigator Passport Holder

While Flowfold's USA-made passport holder offers everything you'd expect out of a travel wallet, like RFID-blocking tech and plenty of internal space and organization, it also happens to be made out of durable, ultralight, weatherproof materials.

Trayvax Explorer Passport Wallet

Made in the USA with high-end Horween leather, this handsome passport wallet can hold up to 12 cards, cash, your passport and more — making it a great all-in-one solution for your travel documents and monetary needs. It helps, too, that it comes with a 65-year warranty.

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