Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Summer Vacation

Summer is coming and the world is opening back up; if you haven't got the itch to go on a trip yet, you will soon. Here's what you'll need to do it.

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Few of us have ever experienced anything like what we've had to live through for the past year. The pandemic has kept us local, stuck in our apartments or even back home with our parents. We've talked ad nauseam about the impact the pandemic has had on our world here at Gear Patrol and how we think the world will look moving forward, gear-wise. Now it is time to look to the near future and actually put the gear we love to talk about so much to use. This means going out and finding the perfect vacation to revitalize and energize our souls.

With that said, inevitably, things will be different. There will still be various travel restrictions, you'll still need to bring masks and you'll want your vaccine card with you, if you have one. Many countries are still seeing the virus come in waves and many haven't even gotten vaccines going yet. This isn't all to say it is impossible to enjoy a trip with few issues, but keep in mind that this will not be like taking a vacation in 2019.

We've done a ton of research on planning a summer vacation and what you need to make the most of your first trip post-pandemic. Frankly, this has gotten us fired up and we hope that it inspires others to take the leap (in a safe manner) and get to planning their own killer vacation. If you want to know where to book, what to do or what to bring, we've got you covered.

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