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These Wardrobe Essentials Are Worth Splurging On

Big-ticket purchases like boots, jewelry and jackets, justified.


If you want something and you can afford it, buy it — that's my stance on spending money. To some, forking over $40 dollars for a T-shirt better mean it's top-of-the-line. For others, forty bucks means something flimsy — (cough) cheap. Both camps could justify their purchase in perpetuity, too. You'd never convince either they were being cheap, or overpaid. Impossible! Never!

There is, however, an elite group of expensive items out there that I can totally justify buying — no matter whether you're historically known as a penny pincher or the friend with poor credit. These products represent the upper echelon of quality in their respective categories, because they're made in limited quantities or purely by hand by one person, with only the finest materials or, as they should if they're that expensive, to last forever.

These are the products I'd be unashamed to explain spending... well, a pretty high percentage of my paycheck on: sunglasses from superstar designers, boots made from durable horsehide, pants covered in vintage patches and the ilk. Explore the full list below.

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Jacques Marie Mage
Dealan Square Sunglasses
R.M. Williams
Signature Craftsman Boot
Solid Cashmere Raglan-Sleeve Sweater
Boxer Brief
Gore-Tex Down Jacket
PLNTFIBER™ Track Pants
Now 50% off
Black Shell Cordovan Derby Shoe
Story Mfg.
Nice Trip Short On Time JacketIron
Patchwork cotton pants
Iron Heart
502DR-IB Serviceman - Classic Tapered Cargo - 14oz Indigo x Black
Merz B. Schwanen
Loopwheeled T-shirt Heavy, 13.4oz
# GI - 6001 - 20 - 285
Studebaker Metals
Signet Ring
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