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The Right Robe Will Brighten Your Morning

Perfect for early at-home tasks or while completing your skincare routine, a robe will keep the wearer (aka you) warm and dry.

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Gear Patrol

Most mornings, you will find me in a robe braving the cold kitchen floor as I make my morning coffee. For maximum comfort, I turn to one made from trusty terry cloth, a material that wears well (meaning it keeps you both warm and dry) and lasts long.

Most brands employ this fabric when crafting their take on the top layer, because while linen or silk might look more put together, these fabrics don’t do much for wet, cold bodies. But cotton, fleece, flannel and even waffle knits will. They’ll trap in heat and soak up leftover moisture (hopefully from the shower) without becoming a limp, damp rag. Usually, robes come with an inner hook for hanging’s sake, too, to deter that infamous locker room odor. (It’s bad, if you’re not familiar.) Like towels, robes need ample room to air out.

The vast majority of robes don’t stretch all the way down to the floor, because you need room, too. But they almost always come with a sash, whether extravagant and on the outside or hidden within, to keep your valuables (aka your intimates) out of view. The belt also frees your hands up from having to hold the whole thing together; it makes bundling up easy, I’d argue.

That’s why, when it’s super cold outside, I pair this with some flannel pyjamas, and maybe wool socks, and I am set for whatever lies ahead — even if it’s just lounging around. If you need a little help perfecting the formula for cold weather coziness, here's where to find the top robes right now.

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Our Pick

Schiesser has been making great basics for over 140 years — and that includes robes. Their bathrobe is made from sporty grey terrycloth that’s quilted in vertical stripes to give added warmth for cold-weather weekends. Put up the oversized hood and lounge the day away.

Editor's Pick: Striped Cotton-Terry Bathrobe ($143) 

An Upgrade
Tekla Fabrics

Copenhagen-based brand Tekla Fabrics injects Scandinavian design into common household goods, meaning we’re getting modern updates to the classics. Take, for instance, this striped robe. It’s not necessarily an atypical pattern for menswear, but it’s statement-making when applied to loungewear. Combine this colorway with high-quality organic cotton and you have yourself a stylish new Sunday morning staple.

Editor's Pick: Organic Cotton Hooded Robe ($159)

An Affordable Alternative
L.L. Bean

Nothing is more classic than the L.L. Bean flannel robe. It’s as much a staple in my grandfather’s house as it is in mine. And for good reason. It’s probably the easiest thing to throw on when you’re making breakfast or heading down to the chicken coop (both my grandfather and I are poultry farmers, for context). Made from Portuguese flannel and brushed eight times per side, the Scotch Plaid robe was designed to be worn all day long.

Editor's Pick: Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe ($79)


No one does it better than Turkey when it comes to building supple yet functional fabrics. I first fell in love with Turkish fabrics when visiting a hammam in Tunisia. Matouk harkens these spa experiences with their waffle-woven fabric, which provides comfort and warmth while not being as suffocating as, say, fleece.

Editor's Pick: Kiran Robe ($99) 

Tommy John

For a company who has built their business on keeping men dry and comfortable, it’s no surprise that Tommy John knows how to make a robe. The Quick Dry robe dries four times faster than cotton while maintaining a cooler touch. It’s perfect if you run hot, or like to grab a robe after a dip in the hot tub. This robe also offers a secret inner tie to avoid an embarrassing peep show on your way to the mailbox.

Editor's Pick: Quick Dry Fleece Robe ($158)


A pattern best set against the backdrop of Palm Springs, the design may harken to the 70s, but there is nothing retro about the manufacturing behind Brooklinen’s Super-Plush Robe. This robe is made from combed, long-staple cotton and single yarn weaving process, resulting in an extra soft product that’s also super durable.

Editor's Pick: Super-Plush Robe ($98)


It’s a bit brave of Parachute to call their robe “Cloud Cotton," but who are we to disagree? Made from a four-ply gauze and available  in an array of earthy hues, this lightweight robe transitions easily from winter to summer, and keeps you looking stylish all year long.

Editor's Pick: Cloud Cotton Robe ($99) 

Cleverly Laundry

Cleverly Laundry’s Pinstriped Cotton-Terry Robe has it all: a classic color, a shawl collar and a fabric blend that’s easy to clean and comfortable to wear. I’d be quite happy (and cozy) with my legs propped up on an ottoman, paper in hand, every day in this option. 

Editor's Pick: Pinstriped Cotton-Terry Robe ($185) 


While Ugg may not make the most stylish boots (by some’s standards), one can’t deny that they take comfort seriously. The Robinson Robe has a jersey exterior and a plush lining, making this practically a blanket with sleeves. But you don’t hear me complaining.

Editor's Pick: Robinson Robe ($145) 

Desmond & Dempsey

Desmond & Dempsey designs great loungewear. It’s just a fact. The Soleia Leopard robe may be the one that stands out on this list, but that’s not a bad thing. Using their know-how for Instagram-famous pyjamas, their robes have an air of whimsical luxury about them. What’s more, these robes are quilted, giving them extra padding and a fitted shape.

Editor's Pick: Quilted Robe ($310) 

Pottery Barn

Next to room service, the best thing about staying in a hotel is getting to spend most of your day donning a robe. But now you can recreate this experience at home with Pottery Barn’s Resort Robe. With a terrycloth interior and waffle knit exterior, it’s got enough weight to keep you both warm and dry. The hotel fantasy can only go so far, though; it’s a shame that there’s no turndown service at home.

Editor's Pick: Waffle Weave Resort Robe ($129) 


Albeit more of a proper dressing gown than a robe, this option is too luxurious to be ignored. Hanro has made a satin-cotton robe that’s, dare we say, a bit upscale for your lazy nights on the couch. But that’s part of the beauty of this robe. It’s meant to stand out and elevate your downtime a bit.

Editor's Pick: Selection Robe ($498) 

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