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Step Into Boot Season With Brand-New Socks

Hefty, seasonal socks for typical boot wearers, not hardcore hikers.

best boot socks
Gear Patrol

A heads up about the socks you see below: they aren't meant for heavy duty hikers. These are for casual, albeit pedestrian, boot wearers trekking through snowy parking lots or freshly plowed sidewalks; traversing walkways covered in crunchy leaves; maneuvering muddy backyards; and passing puddle prone city streets. Not posers, because let's be honest, that's how most people use the boots they own — getting from point A to point B in their everyday lives.

The socks on this list may not boast the same performance-oriented tech or blister-deterring padding, but they're still plenty comfortable and durable. Marked by unique marls or noticeable pile, boot socks promise heft and texture — and seasonal aesthetic appeal. They'll fill out a pair of boots, whether elasticated Chelseas or lace-up chukkas. Trust these to keep your toes warm, and to look good doing it.

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Merino Wool Ragg Socks (Two-Pack)
Houghton Sock
Alpaca Boot Socks
American Trench
Nautical Turn Greenport Striped Socks
Thunders Love
1970's Logger Thermal Socks
Logger Socks
The Real McCoys
Recycled Cotton Camp Socks
Wool 2 Ribbed Two-Tone Wool-Blend Socks
Anonymous Ism
Heavyweight Merino Daily Crew Socks
Sodello Classic Boot Sock
White Slub Crew Socks
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