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10 Great Combs for Your Grooming Cache

There are some grooming tools that every man should own; a good comb is at the top of the list.

Henry Phillips

Last Updated November, 2017.

One of the most basic tools every man should have in his grooming cache, the comb is the easiest way to keep your follicles in order. Whether they be the hairs on top of your head or the whiskers under your nose, the polished fit and finish a comb provides is a sign of class and cleanliness. From the classic black plastic fine-tooth comb to the handmade natural horn, here are the best combs for men.

Cricket Carbon Combs C50


Best Lightweight Comb: Used by many industry professionals, Cricket Carbon Combs are incredibly light and strong. The C50 is a fine-toothed comb that weighs less than an ounce. For those with fine hair, this is an ideal comb that eliminates snagging and static.

Buy Now: $6

Kent 4T Comb


Best for Thick Hair and Beards: Kent Brushes were founded in 1777, making them the oldest hairbrush manufacturer. This 155mm comb has both coarse and fine teeth. It is 6.5 inches long and tapers from 1 inch wide to .75 inches wide. Though suitable for general grooming, it works best for thick hair and medium-to-long beards.

Buy Now: $7

Taylor of Old Bond Street Fine/Coarse Teeth Pocket Comb


Best Affordable Handmade Comb: Founded in 1854, Taylor of Old Bond Street has a reputation for high quality products that use natural ingredients where applicable. This comb is hand made from imitation tortoiseshell and is just under 5 inches long. It has both fine and coarse teeth, making it an ideal comb for everyday carry and general styling.

Buy Now: $12

Garrett Wade 5 in Pocket Natural Horn Comb


Best Natural Horn Comb: Natural horn combs are a treat to use. They absorb oils, they don’t produce static electricity and they eliminate most snagging. Garrett Wade works with a French manufacturer to make one-piece natural horn combs by hand. It takes 36 steps — a range of pressing, sawing, cutting and polishing — but the result is like nothing you’ve used before.

Buy Now: $26

Mason Pearson Detangler Comb


Best Detangling Comb: Designed to detangle that thick mane of yours, this round-toothed comb is handmade from celluloid. It has a broad handle that is hand-polished and teeth that have smooth, tapered edges designed to slide through the hair with minimal effort.

Buy Now: $34

More Great Combs to Consider:
Metal Double-Tooth Barber Comb by Cyril R Salter $6
Hair Comb by Percy Nobleman $12
Comb by Baxter of California $19
Handcrafted Fine Tooth Comb by Bixby $24
Tortoiseshell Acetate Comb by Buly 1803 $50

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