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The Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

What you need is an ergo-friendly razor that helps navigate curves and can deliver a clean, problem-free shave.

headblade moto head razor

If you’re about to shave your head for the first time, then you’re probably a little nervous. Not just to find out how handsome you are without hair, but also for the shave itself. Shaving your own head takes patience, precision, and a whole lotta confidence — though that confidence is quickly earned after the first few shaves. Still, it’s a daunting task, made difficult by awkward hand angles, blind spots, skin rolls, and a pesky mole or two. All you want is a smooth, irritation-free, nick-free shave, and that’s not too much to ask.

For this task, what you need is an ergo-friendly razor that helps navigate curves and can deliver a clean, problem-free shave, even if you can’t easily see the results. Much of your confidence will be channeled into that razor itself, and a subpar pick could deter you from maintaining the habit. (And it could make you late to work, if you’re bleeding all over your oxford shirt.)

We’ve got you covered, though: Below are our picks for the best razors for shaving your head. There’s an array of options — from safety razors to completely innovative bald-head devices — so we chose our favorite from each bucket.

Best Overall Razor for Shaving Your Head: HeadBlade MOTO Head Razor

MOTO Head Shaving Razor
HeadBlade amazon.com

This thing looks like a teeny snowmobile, but it’s an expertly designed palm pilot for polishing your dome. Simply slide your finger into the rubber ring, and the ball at the device’s front end helps glide the rear-end razor around your head. That rear end pivots and flexes every which way, as it hugs the curves and mows everything in its path. We’d suggest bundling it with the brand’s slick shave cream for the smoothest experience.

Best Upgrade Razor for Shaving Your Head:Supply Single-Edge Razor

The Single Edge 2.0
Supply supply.co

Trueheads still swear by the safety-blade shave, even with the variables of backwards, upside-down, blind-spot shaving. That’s because once you have the hang of a safety blade shave, you really can’t justify switching back to anything else. Still, our pick for the best safety razor for head shaving goes to Supply, the brand that also makes safety shaving easy for beginners. Their single-edge razor feels familiar in your hand, almost like a cartridge shave, and they even drafted up a blog post on how to best utilize the razor for your head. Together, that post and this device should significantly lessen your learning curve.

Best Budget Razor for Shaving Your Head: Gillette SkinGuard

SkinGuard Razor Flex Handle
Gillette amazon.com

If you choose cartridge, then remember to choose ergo-friendly and sensitive on skin. Gillette’s SkinGuard masters both: Its head pivots, it lubricates and soothes skin immediately before and after the blades, and it does the task with just two blades instead of 3-5. (This is a big factor in how sensitive these blades are for the skin—and that skin up top your head is particularly prone to redness, nicks, irritation, ingrowns, and the likes).

Head Shave Club Halftime Razors

Razor 2 Pack
Halftime headshaveclub.com

These little dual-ended blades will remind you of finger skateboards, and they kinda replicate those little toys as they ride over your melon. They allow you to shave easily in different directions, back and forth or side to side (though you still want to mind the direction your hair grows, and if you’re prone to ingrowns, shave with it, not against it). It also utilizes a cooling aloe strip to help calm skin post shearing. Of the bunch, it’s the easiest manual razor to use on autopilot mode once you get the hang of it. But even then, please remember to make smooth, steady strokes—no haste!

Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver

Balder Pro Head Shaver
Remington amazon.com

Though it’s not a razor, this electric shaver is a must-own for every bald guy, especially if you don’t want to do a full shave every few days. It’ll clip you down to a barely-there length, and won’t ever break the surface of the skin, so that you never have to worry about nicks, infection, ingrowns, irritation, and more. (It’s best for navigating around moles, too.) It’s waterproof, holds a 50-minute charge, and has five clippers that hug your head as you glide it around like a Zamboni.

Andis 17150 Pro Foil Shaver

17150 Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver
Andis amazon.com
$56.97 (29% off)

If you want a single electric device for your face and head, then make it Andis’ foil shaver. It’s not going to straddle your curves like the Remington above, but those foil heads can relax with pressure or with each new angle. It’s still fairly easy to glide it up and down the backside of your head (pull that skin taut), and it holds an 80-minute charge so that you get a few weeks of wear with each plug-in.

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