Acqua di Parma’s Next Fragrance Will Riff on Its Classic Cologne

Colonia Pura, a cleaner version of the classic Cologne, will debut in September.


Acqua di Parma has been on an expansion spree as of late. The perfume house, famous for its classic Colonia scent, released two different fragrances under its Ingredient Collection and seven under its Blu Mediterraneo line — all this year. Now the brand will look to update its trademark scent with a lighter, cleaner fragrance called Colonia Pura. The base note of narcissus absolute will likely give off strong floral and lemon odors, making Colonia Pura less peppery than the Blu Mediterraneo offerings. Though it sounds like the ideal summertime scent, the fragrance will not debut until this fall. Expect to see it at most fragrance retailers in September.

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