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The 6 Best Spring Fragrances, New and Classic

Regardless of the spicy or aromatic or floral notes they employ, all spring scents aim to capture the essence of the season.

Chandler Bondurant

While a quintessential spring scent will cast its radius with floral and fresh notes, others take different means to an end. (Notes of tennis balls and clay courts, anyone?) Regardless of the spicy or aromatic or floral notes they employ, all spring scents aim to capture the essence of the season. Spring yields optimism, be it from observing the expanse of the ocean, or savoring your third gin & tonic of the evening, or experiencing the fresh bloom on a volcanic Portuguese island. Or maybe just watching the shadows grow longer and more languid with each passing day, all from the comfort of your lawn chair.

Regardless, there’s something to savor and appreciate in each of those moments, and these six scents are an ode to the same sentiment. Spring is upon us, so let’s cast an optimistic radius with a fragrance that fits the mood.

New Scents

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Profondo

Adding a fourth dimension to Armani’s exquisite Acqua di Giò lineup, Profondo washes over the senses like the Sicilian seas—and it even summons notes of those waters to underscore this essence. (The entire Acqua di Giò assortment is built around the sensation of infinite waters.) Profondo’s intense aromatic freshness is rounded by crisp bergamot and green mandarin, calming lavender, and uplifting rosemary, then sets anchors with a musk and woody patchouli base.

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Claus Porto Agua Flores

Agua Flores is the sixth addition in Claus Porto’s Água de Colónia collection, an olfactive ode to Portugal’s various regions. Agua Flores summons another corner of the country — or rather, an entire island set in the middle of the Atlantic. That’s the volcanic, verdant Azores, themselves covered in blooming flowers nearly year-round. As such, Agua Flores is a floral scent that centers on jasmine, though it’s enveloped by citrus, sandalwood, vetiver, black pepper, tonka, resin and suede. Will it maybe a stray from your fuller, woodier winter scents, this is one fresh, light way to welcome the rising sun.

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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity (Silver)

The perfume equivalent to a top-shelf gin and tonic, the juniper-rich Silver-Edition Gentle Fluidity is both spicy and aromatic. It is part of a silver-gold tandem from the brand, wherein Gold is a more sweet counterpart to Silver’s sharpness. In this Silver blend, coriander, nutmeg and musk play supporting characters to juniper’s lead, like a craft cocktail that is somehow better than the signature drink. Gentle Fluidity hits the senses like your first sip of G&T, then settles into its groove just like your third or fourth.

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Classic Scents

Imaginary Authors The Soft Lawn

Who knew that tennis balls and clay courts could be bottled into a cologne — and who knew that “tennis essence” could be one of our favorite spring scents? The Soft Lawn is for breezy, leisurely weekends, and it recalls that first break in spring, where the sun is finally out and the legs of your pants evaporate below the knees. Combined with those fresh tennis notes are earthy, woody, and floral hues; together they make The Soft Lawn the only thing that tops the smell of a freshly opened can of tennis balls.

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Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Eau de Toilette

Rare is a spicy scent so perfect for spring, but that’s the case for YSL’s timeless men’s scent. While it’s grounded by tonka bean, vetiver, and cedar, L’Homme gets its core profile from ginger and white pepper. It wears light and fresh, which helps earn those springtime stripes. (As opposed to more biting spicy fragrances that you might sport in fall and winter.) This one is a candidate for your own signature, year-round scent, too — especially if you like something universally appealing that wears subtly.

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Jo Malone Amber & Lavender

Take a wild guess at the two core notes in Jo Malone’s Amber & Lavender. (We really hope you guessed amber and lavender.) Together, they create a warming and enveloping scent, thanks to the former ingredient, and also one that soothes the senses, thanks to the latter ingredient. It’s like the subtle warmth of the springtime sun, with the freshness of the season’s bloom. There’s a perennial nature in Amber & Lavender, too, not just due to the contrast between these two notes. It’s held in balance by the addition of petitgrain, patchouli, bergamot, clove and mint.

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