The Simplicity of a Single Blade Can Improve Your Shave

The HYBRID Razor from OneBlade utilizes the preciseness of Feather Single Edge blades to give a close yet comfortable shave.


There’s a certain point when shaving with too many blades does more harm than good. In fact, one of the smoothest shaves a man can get is also the simplest: using just a single blade. This is the thinking behind OneBlade’s razors, which use a precise Feather Single Edge blade.

The HYBRID Razor is constructed with an ultra-high grade stainless steel pivoting head that provides maximum performance, ultimate flexibility and forgiveness while adapting to the curvature of every part of your face. The blade is set at the optimal angle with the ideal exposure to deliver a close yet comfortable shave free of razor burn and irritation. There’s a beauty in that sort of simplicity.

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