This Razor Subscription Service Offers a Better Shave

OneBlade offers subscription services that can ensure you have the perfection of a single edge shave every single day.


OneBlade’s single edge shaving razors are the most precisely engineered available. Made from either Tritan (a durable polymer) or German stainless steel, they deliver a closer, smoother shave with zero irritation thanks to a patented flexible head that ensures optimal blade exposure for an always perfect shaving angle. This elevated shaving experience is further enhanced when used with Japanese single-edge Feather FHS-10 blades which are around twice as thick as standard double-edge razor blades.

To help simplify your routine, OneBlade also offers two subscription services to ensure you’re always getting the best shave possible. You can opt for either the Blades and Skin Care package or the Blades Only package. While both include a substantial discount on 30 blades, the first option also includes a two-month supply of OneBlade’s Shaving Cream and Black Tie After Shave Balm. And for a limited time, you can get 20 percent off your purchase when you use the discount code SPRING at checkout.

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