This Is a Fragrance Made to Expand Your Horizons

Montblanc sourced key ingredients from different regions around the globe to create its worldly-but-refined Explorer Eau de Parfum Spray.


A fragrance should evoke thoughts and memories of someplace else when you put it on. It should elevate the moment you’re in, maybe enough to help you catch sight of possibilities farther afield. By sourcing key ingredients from different regions around the globe, Montblanc achieves all this and more in its worldly-but-refined Explorer Eau de Parfum Spray .

To create such a distinct, woody aroma, Montblanc used only premium elements. Italian Bergamot offers the energetic and uplifting side of the fragrance’s top note. Haitian vetiver — organically and ethically produced — presents smoky hues with a slight overtone of hazelnut. A last stopover in Indonesia provides the body of the scent with a new type of Patchouli, developed exclusively for Montblanc fragrances. Astutely presented in a strapping European-crafted bottle, Explorer is a scent that can make every day seem less like another mark on the calendar and more like an adventure ready to happen.

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