Polaar Icy Magic

Ditch your eye baggage


You work your ass off to get ahead in everything. You rise early and go to bed late. You eat well, exercise, and spend time with those you love. And everyone can tell you live life to the fullest, not from the pep in your step, or the smile on your face, but from the Ray Lewis-like black streaks under your eyes. Sure, women complain about those bags all the time, but the truth is puffy, saggy eyes aren’t flattering on us either, and there is a solution to treat it (outside of logging more sleep). Polaar’s Icy Magic ($25) is a chapstick-sized grooming roll-on that provides a soothing ice cold effect while fighting dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. Use it for 15 days and it’ll leave your mug looking like a spring chicken, without the whole American Psycho cold face pack routine. It’s also fragrance and alcohol free, so it’s good for sensitive skin types. Get over yourself, give it a try, and leave a better impression on those you meet, no matter how exhausted you may feel.

Buy Now: $25

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