retaW MOOD* Denim Fragrance Liquid

Clean (smelling) jeans


We all know that wearing jeans just once out of the washer isn’t enough, unless you’re one of those unfortunate souls looking to revive the acid-washed glory days of the 80s. Two times maybe. Three times…well, that’s when they just start to stretch in all the right places, sag nicely, and feel great. Things only get better with time, until they start to stink.

Japanese grooming brand retaW’s (that’s Water backwards) new MOOD* Demin Fragrance Liquid (TBA) will make your most precious pair of blue jeans smell like you just took them out of the washing machine with a hint of mint, minus the stiff and unforgiving feel. It also won’t harm the color or fabric of your jeans. Hypothetically, with enough of retaW, you’ll never have to wash your denim again — but we wouldn’t recommend advertising that to your friends.

Buy Now: TBD

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