Triumph & Disaster Grooming Products

Care for your skin, Kiwi-style

These days, fame increasingly comes with the chance to delve into product development. Jordan transfered his ups into sneakers; Dre’s cashed in his booth skills on headphones; Beckham shills underwear — these all make perfect sense. Former New Zealand cricket star Dion Nash turned his right-armed bowling skills into… a men’s grooming line. It seems out of deep midwicket, but truth be told, we’re intrigued by the company’s ruggedly branded moisturizers, shaving supplies and cleansers. If you’re wondering, the name Triumph & Disaster was pulled from a line in Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”, discussing the complicated relationship between father and son, which Dion’s own father presented to him during a fight.

Outside of smart marketing, what sets the company apart is the use of native kiwi ingredients like Ponga and Horopito, which the native Maori have used for generations to heal battle wounds and skin conditions. Despite these natural ingredients, you won’t final the cliche 100% Natural label on Triumph & Disaster goods — and that’s on purpose. In their early research, the brand discovered there’s technically no “legal” definition of “natural” in the beauty world, and that each manufacturer is free to define the word as they please. So rather than pile on the faux-science hoopla, Triumph & Disaster took the honest approach. Science tweaks natural ingredients to perform better, work safer, and clean deeper. Still, their products are never tested on animals and meet all of the criteria for cosmetic safety established for the EU. If you’re looking for new products to change up your current grooming regimen, T&D looks worthy.

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