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The Best Deodorants for Men

Stick or spray, it doesn't make a difference. These deodorants will freshen even the foulest pits.


There’s no nice way to say it: Humans are sweaty creatures. And while you’re mostly dealing with water here, some parts of your body (like, say, your armpits) also secrete proteins and fatty acids. These things are harmless but annoying; when they react to bacteria on the body, you get a little thing called trans-3-Methyl-2-hexenoic acid — a.k.a. body odor.

What to Look for

You already know what to do, of course. But before you reach for the same old stick you’ve been using since the first day of middle school, you might want to consider your other options. There are lots of ingredients and methods of application to consider. Because when it comes to something as essential as deodorant, it’s worth sweating the small stuff.

Ingredients to Avoid

  • Phthalates: Phthalates are a binder, and a preservative for synthetic fragrances. But research suggests they can harm men's endocrine systems.
  • Triclosan: Banned by the FDA for use in hand soaps, triclosan can still be used in other grooming products — like deodorant. It's an antibacterial chemical that kills odors but could cause other issues with repeat exposure.
  • Parabens: Parabens are preservatives, but these preservatives can penetrate the skin — and they shouldn't.
  • Synthetic fragrances: Naturally-derived fragrances are the way to go. Look for plant-based extracts and oils.
  • Butane and Isobutane: These ingredients are only found in spray deodorants, because they're what can compress and expel aerosols. Most modern sprays have moved on to other alternatives — look for "aersol-free" or "non aerosol."
  • Aluminum: Although hotly debated, aluminum plugs your sweat ducts. Plus, it can cause issues on the cell level, which is why it's been linked to tumor growth.

    The Best Deodorants for Men

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    Best overall deodorant
    Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant
    Best Upgrade Deodorant
    Reusable Deodorant
    best affordable deodorant
    Odor and Sweat Control Antiperspirant
    Best Smelling Deodorant
    Baxter of California
    Best Cream Deodorant
    The Deodorant
    Best Spray Deodorant
    Performance Body Spray
    Best Antiperspirant Deodorant
    Body Fuel Antiperspirant
    Best Travel Deodorant
    Best Sustainable Deodorant
    Refillable Deodorant
    Best Bespoke Deodorant
    Inspired Deodorant
    Fulton and Roark
    Best Natural Deodorant
    ND1 Natural Deodorant
    Best Prescription-Strength Antiperspirant
    Antiperspirant Roll-On
    Certain Dri
    Best mineral deodorant
    Natural Mineral Deodorant
    Best Deodorant for Sensitive Skin
    Dry Touch Deodorant
    Best deodorant for dense (armpit) hair
    Aluminum-Free Deodorant
    Best 'Give Back' Deodorant
    Best Deodorant Bundle
    Natural Deodorant
    Best Drugstore Deodorant
    High Endurance Original Scent Deodorant
    Old Spice
    Best Backup Antiperspirant
    Power Unscented Antiperspirant Deodorant
    Speed Stick
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