How to Save Big on Luxury Footwear Brands Like Alden and John Lobb

Leffot’s new Pre-Owned Footwear Program offers high-quality, gently used shoes at prices that fall far below retail.


Buying pre-owned footwear seems counter-intuitive. Old shoes are often worn out, and the idea of wearing something that touched someone else’s feet might make you squeamish. That said, it’s a great way to save money if you’re prepared to search long and hard, and know what brands to look for. Once in awhile you’ll be rewarded, like the time I found a pair of $25 Alden tassel loafers at a thrift store on the Upper East Side. They were in immaculate condition and even had heel plates. I swooped them up and wear them all the time.

Leffot’s new Pre-Owned Footwear Program puts an end to those countless hours of thrift store sifting. Granted, they’re not selling Aldens for $25, but you can find them for under $250. There are also John Lobb bluchers for under $300 as well as Edward Greens in the three-figure range – that counts as steal. Founder Steven Taffel started the program as a way for the store’s clients to offload gently used shoes that no longer worked for them. Not only does this save the shoes from a thrift store or the landfill, but customers who trade in shoes receive store credit. Each pair is inspected by the shop before it’s offered, so you won’t find any worn-out soles here. Though Leffot’s prices on pre-owned shoes aren’t thrift-store low, they’re a deal compared to what these shoes normally retail for.

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