Corridor's New Sneaker Is Perfect for Fall

Corridor's City Hiker mixes a sharp Vibram outsole, gunmetal grommets, mesh, suede and leather — and tops it off with round brown laces.


I'll admit it, I'm not out running trails like those on Gear Patrol's Outdoors team. Allbirds' new running shoe made from sugar, wool and tree parts? I'll leave testing whether or not they work on mile-long trail runs up to them. Crossing town in Corridor's all-new City Hiker is more my speed.

If you're like me, straightforward footwear — aka shoes not quite equipped for off-roading — works fine most days. Maybe I'm worried about rain or snow and I'll step into something water-resistant, but rarely do I ever need to lace all-terrain vehicles to my 10 toes. Like owning an SUV with several different modes, each with functionalities I'll never fully exert, it's nice to wear shoes with added elements that make them compatible with mud, sludge, sleet or sawdust even if I don't intend on going anywhere I'd run into these kinds of conditions.

The City Hiker checks all of these boxes: They're built in Portugal with a rugged Vibram outsole and a leather body and finished with mesh and suede overlays, gunmetal D-grommets and round, yellow and brown laces. They're as much an outdoors shoe as they are something you'd wear to the office. The design fits right in alongside down jackets, fleeces, flannels, shell jackets and sneakers with traction-focused tread patterns. The functional gear and fashion convergence continues, and Corridor's City Hiker is right smack dab in the middle of it. Pencil me down for a pair (or two — maybe one in each color).


City Hiker - Brown
City Hiker - Black
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