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The Best Everyday Socks for Men

Not only are crew socks the perfect length, but they're designed to last longer — and they come in a million colors.

collage of three pairs of socks

Your socks are some of the most worn and washed items in your wardrobe. As such, make sure to routinely invest in versatile, durable pairs. Crew ones are my recommendation, as they rise high enough to cover the space between your pant's hem and the uppers on your boots, sneakers or loafers. Plus, plenty of crew socks come with elasticated cuffs and arches, meaning they won't slide down or lose their shape after a few washes.

When to Refresh Your Sock Drawer

Socks do eventually diminish, though. It's inevitable. Explore a range of hard-wearing materials and choose colors that complement your pre-existing wardrobe. And make it a habit to buy a new pair every so often so your sock drawer stays fresh.

If you're buying better socks, though — see our case for pricier ones below — you can just buy a pair at a time in an effort to keep to a "one in, one out" rule. (Otherwise, your sock drawer will overflow — and fast).

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    Buy Singles, Not Bulk

    If you see socks in packs, that means the brand made a lot of them. Higher volume means factories can produce more of the same product without having to switch out materials and patterns to make different products for different brands, saving the factories time and money. The higher quantity also implies they used cheaper materials. In this case, that means lower-grade cotton blended with a higher percentage of synthetic materials.

    Lesser-quality cotton has shorter staples (essentially, a staple is a length of fiber). The shorter the staple, the weaker the fiber, the easier it is to fall apart in a weave or a knit. As for synthetics, most socks will need some kind of nylon or elastane for durability and stretch — these man-made materials are also cheaper to produce than natural fibers.

    While the price point for a pair of quality socks will vary, a good pair of socks will likely cost you well over $10 a pair. But you'll own them longer, and a higher up-front investment makes you more inclined to repair a ripped sock down the road.

    Still not sold? Learn more in our post explaining why pricier socks are actually worth it.

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