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The Best iPhone 6 (and 6S) Cases for Every Budget

Looking to protect your iPhone 6?


Updated July 20, 2016 with new selections

That iPhone 6s feels nice and sleek in the hand, doesn’t it? And doesn’t it feel good with a dent in the corner and a scratch on the back and — oh, no, not you, right? — that crack across the beautiful glass front. It happens. Or, with the right case, it doesn’t. Although says Apple says their 6s is made with “the world’s strongest smartphone glass,” it’s still glass, and you’re going to want to protect it. This leads to a slew of questions: how much are you going to spend — $8 or $200? Leather, metal or plastic? Do you want something that will replace your wallet? To answer a few of those questions, we’ve gathered up the best iPhone 6s cases on the market for every price, purpose and point of taste.

– Additional contribution by Tucker Bowe

Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized Hard Case

Upshot: Hard to beat for the price.
Features: The soft rubberized outer finish means no snagging in pockets or lint build-up like with silicon skins.
Materials: Plastic with rubber finish
Number of Color Options: 7

Buy Now: $8+

Incipio NGP Case

Upshot: Well priced and available in a variety of colors.
Features: The flexible wraparound body means quick and easy installation and easy access to volume buttons.
Materials: Pliable Flex2O polymer
Number of Color Options: 6

Buy Now: $8+

Diztronic Full Matte Black Flexible Case

Upshot: For the budget minimalist.
Features: Simple as can be.
Materials: Thermoplastic polyurethane
Number of Color Options: 1

Buy Now: $10+

Incipio Stowaway Case

Upshot: Best case if you want to ditch the wallet.
Features: Back compartment holds up to 3 cards and doubles as a stand.
Materials: Hard plastic frame with soft polymer shell
Number of Color Options: 5

Buy Now: $12+

Ballistic Tough Jacket Series Case

Upshot: Best budget rugged case.
Features: 6-foot impact drop protection at an affordable price.
Materials: Pliable, non-slick polymer
Number of Color Options: 2

Buy Now: $17+

SwitchEasy Nude Case

Upshot: The right pick for those that want to see their phones.
Features: Offers 360 degrees of covering for all-around protection.
Materials: Polycarbonate with rubber coating
Number of Color Options: 5

Buy Now: $20

Moshi iPouch

Upshot: For the tidy freak that doesn’t pull out their phones often.
Features: The interior lining doubles as a screen cleaner the and external pouch holds headphones.
Materials: Micron-sized “Terahedron” microfiber
Number of Color Options: 2

Buy Now: $23

Incase Designs Quick Snap Case

Upshot: Handsome, simple and built with reliable Incase quality.
Features: Offered in a clear color.
Materials: Hardshell plastic
Number of Color Options: 5

Buy Now: $23

Truffol Intelli RFID iPhone Wallet Case

Upshot: For the international roadwarrior, or if your job requires security clearance.
Features: RFID-blocking pocket secures credit cards; an RFID-friendly pocket does the same travel passes or keycards.
Materials: Polycarbonate hard shell with premium Italian cowhide
Number of Color Options:5

Buy Now: $30+

Native Union Clic Wooden Case

Upshot: Wood cases are an acquired taste, but this one strikes a perfect balance of modern and natural.
Features: Each handcrafted and precision engineered case is unique, displaying real wood grains.
Materials: Solid cherry and walnut timber
Number of Color Options: 6

Buy Now: $30+

Urban Armor Gear Case

Upshot: A very durable option when breakage is simple not an option.
Features: The case is extremely tough (it meets military drop-test standards), can hold four credit cards at a time, and has a protective rubberized screen.
Materials: Feather-light composite construction
Number of Color Options: 11

Buy Now: $30+

Hex Focus Case

Upshot: When style and aesthetics matter first.
Features: Apart from the quality of the leather, this case features some unique coloring.
Materials: Leather
Number of Color Options: 4

Buy Now: $40

11+ Color Case

Upshot: A minimalist, slim option with gorgeous colors.
Features: The case has a slim profile, button covers and protective edges to prevent screen scratches.
Materials: Polycarbonate
Number of Color Options: 7

Buy Now: $40

Twelve South SurfacePad

Upshot: Our favorite folio style iPhone case. Period.
Features: Two slots for credit cards on the inside of the cover, which also doubles as a stand.
Materials: Napa leather
Number of Color Options: 4

Buy Now: $40

OtterBox Defender Series Case

Upshot: Look no further if you need a belt holster option.
Features: Robust dustproof and shockproof case with belt-clip holster included; it’s made for the construction site.
Materials: High-impact polycarbonate shell and interior foam
Number of Color Options: 11

Buy Now: $45

Apple Leather Case

Upshot: Our favorite leather iPhone case is (unsurprisingly) from Apple.
Features: Unlike many premium leather cases, this case is comfortably thin.
Materials: Leather, microfiber inner lining
Number of Color Options: 5

Buy Now: $45

X-Doria Scene Grip Case

Upshot: A more durable option for folio style iPhone case users.
Features: Strong, with a raised lip for extra drop and scratch protection.
Materials: Soft rubber lining, reinforced polycarbonate backing and aluminum outer frame
Number of Color Options: 6

Buy Now: $50+

Mujio Leather Wallet Case 80°

Upshot: A premium option when replacing the wallet is a must.
Features: Slot for credit cards.
Materials: Vegetable-tanned leather
Number of Color Options: 2

Buy Now: ~$50

Pong Sleek Case

Upshot: Best iPhone case for reducing radiation.
Features: This case reduces your exposure to mobile device radiation by up to five times below the FCC Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limit while improving your phone’s signal strength.
Materials: 4-inch-drop-resistant plastic with gold antenna
Number of Color Options: 3

Buy Now: $50

Lifeproof FRE WaterProof Case

Upshot: If you live and work around water, look no further.
Features: The waterproof and shockproof case still allows access to Touch ID.
Materials: Plastic
Number of Color Options: 6

Buy Now: $55+

Bellroy Phone Case

Upshot: A beautifully considered design from one of our favorite leather accessory brands.
Features: SIM card slot plus a three-year warranty.
Materials: Vegetable-tanned leather and polycarbonate
Number of Color Options: 7

Buy Now: $55

Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case

Upshot: A well priced battery extender case.
Features: Sliding battery sleeve that doubles an iPhone 6s’s battery life.
Materials: soft touch material
Number of Color Options: 1

Buy Now: $80

Mophie Juice Pack H20Pro

Upshot: The best bet when you need rugged plus battery life extension.
Features: Gives your iPhone extra life and complete water protection.
Materials: Dual-injected rubberized exterior
Number of Color Options: 4

Buy Now: $101+

Revisit Case

Upshot: Premium materials command a premium price.
Features: It has a solid brass bumper and comes with a screwdriver — yes, a screwdriver.
Materials: Brass and plastic
Number of Color Options: 1

Buy Now: $125

Hardgraft All in One Phone Case and Stand

Upshot: The best premium pouch option.
Features: The convenient card/cash pocket on the back doubles as a viewing stand.
Materials: Full-grain vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather
Number of Color Options: 2

Buy Now: ~$126

Grovemade Wood & Leather Case

Upshot: The only wood and leather folio style case we’d get.
Features: Durable shell with cover that doubles as a stand.
Materials: Vegetable-tanned leather and walnut or maple wood
Number of Color Options: 2

Buy Now: $129

Makr Card Sleeve

Upshot: The top tier option. Stunning leather, simple design and a handy card option make this the top tier (top priced) option.
Features: The case is hand sewn and painted with rolled edges, and features an exterior card pocket.
Materials: Horween Chromexcel Leather
Number of Color Options: 5

Buy Now: $230

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