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Yes, Great Gadgets and Electronics Are Made on American Soil

We do more than just design.


In the frenzied pace of life that most Americans embrace, it’s pretty easy to lose sight of patriotism. We get up, we hustle, we fight, we love, and we do our best to rest. But, we don’t often reflect. And sometimes, it’s good to sit back and ask yourself where, exactly, the items you use everyday come from. Even in the world of electronics — a market dominated by Asian manufacturing — there are opportunities to buy products built in America.

Our ever-present desire for-lower cost goods, especially in the world of consumer electronics, has pushed most production to Asia. In typical merry-go-’round fashion, companies have moved in and out of producing wares in the United States. Motorola, for example, made a huge splash in 2013 by announcing that its flagship Moto X smartphone would be assembled in Texas. Shortly after that debut, however, market forces shoved production overseas. However, for many companies the dream lives on — and there are still a few technological gems built right here on our soil.

Tesla Model S

On the outside, the Model S appears more car than gadget. Followers of the brand know better. With a purely electric drivetrain, a gargantuan LCD in the center-stack, and the ability to control its on/off status with a smartphone, Tesla’s high-end sedan is one sophisticated cookie. These are built in Fremont, CA, with nearly 3,000 folks employed locally to handle the heavy lifting.

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Apple Mac Pro

If you’re in the market for a high-end workstation, there’s an option that’s manufactured in Texas’ weirdest town. Since 2013, the cylindrical Mac Pro has been assembled in Austin. Granted, with a $2,999 starting tag, there’s plenty of margin to make up for the added labor costs. It also helps that the Mac Pro yields are relatively small — as of now, there’s no production facility in the state that could handle the daily output needed to transition iPhone or iPad assembly back home.

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MakerBot Replicator

Given that your next (or first) 3D printer will be making a whole lot of whatever here on US soil, it’s appropriate that the machine itself be assembled here as well. The printers are assembled from their headquarters in Brooklyn, giving you one more place to visit when planning your next trip to New York City.

Buy Now: $2,899

Lenovo Computers

Lenovo has a penchant for North Carolina. The company’s US headquarters are located in the state’s Research Triangle Park, and for the past couple of years, it has assembled a variety of desktops and laptops in Whitsett, NC. Just over a hundred folks show up each day to put together machines that’ll end up in personal and enterprise hands all over the globe, and while we’ve a long way to go before all Lenovo wares are built here, it’s a laudable start.

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