GBoard Gmail Keyboard

Juicing Up Gmail, One Key Stroke at a Time


For those hardcore users who rely on Google’s free Gmail platform for their daily email needs, the GBoard may just be the ideal specialty peripheral you’ve been waiting for. Designed to “turbo-charge” your Gmail experience, this keyboard contains direct keys to 19 of the most useful shortcuts.

Clear icons and color groupings help users quickly and intuitively navigate to functions that normally require several clicks of the mouse so, with a slight learning curve, this nifty pad could significantly shave time off of your daily emailing routine.

Compatible with both Macs and PCs, there’s no software to install to get the Gboard up and running. Instead all that’s required is an up to date browser and a USB port. Interestingly enough, despite it’s appearance of Google product obsession, it’s not officially affiliated with Google in any way. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is something that remains to be seen.

Cost: $20

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