Vaja MacBook Pro iVolution Suit

Suit Your Mac In Style


Known for their exquisite hand made leather goods, Vaja’s iVolution Suit for the MacBook Pro is possibly the most stylish Mac accessory we’ve ever laid eyes on. Completely customizable, buyers can choose everything from the color of the grip, outside leather, and inside leather, to the leather type, and even have their name stitched in.

Unfortunately, their handicraft process does take 35 days to complete, so if instant gratification is your thing, be prepared to dig deep for patience. At $280, the case is also not meant for the frugally-minded. That said, for those who value personalization and style above all else, you’ll have to work hard to find anything else better than this. For a link to purchase and more shots of the case in striking “nautical blue”, hit the jump.



Cost: Starts at $280

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