This Week in Tech and Science: January 6, 2016

Uber’s billionth ride, Samsung TVs get even smarter, NYC’s free wi-fi plans and more.


Uber’s billionth ride, Samsung TVs get even smarter, NYC’s free wi-fi plans and more.

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Monopolies FTW

In the physical space, monopolies are generally frowned upon. In the app world, however, he with the most users tends to win — and evidently, that’s exactly how we like it.

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Uber: 1 Billion Served

It took just over five years to do it, but Uber served its one billionth passenger on Christmas Eve in London.

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AT&T Dropping Contracts

Now that carriers have figured out a way to boost monthly data prices while keeping us hooked with interest-free lease payments, AT&T will phase out two-year phone contracts starting this month.

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SmartThings TVs

It wasn’t long ago that Samsung snapped up home automation firm SmartThings, and now, it’ll be integrating the company’s hub right into its 2016 HDTVs.

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New York City officials have begun installing LinkNYC public wi-fi access points in unused phone booths, which ought to make visiting (and navigating) a lot easier for international tourists.

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Reviews and Guides

Advice from the Crew

Gametime Gear Guide

Now that Clemson and Alabama are set to square off in this year’s college football National Championship, it’s high time you got your viewing setup right. Read the Review

Robotic Home Cleaning

Now that your houseguests have headed home, you’ve probably been left with quite the mess. Thankfully, there’s almost certainly a robot that’ll tidy that right up for ya. Read the Review

Noteworthy Reads

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Amazon loves the holidays, and 2015 was no exception — it added some three million new Prime members in a single week during last year’s madness.

To no one’s surprise, North Korea’s Red Star OS reportedly watermarks all files on inserted USB sticks in order to track underground sharing.

Not content with starting its own oil boom, North Dakota is also attracting drone companies with a slew of new investments.

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