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IDAPT I3 Charging Stations

Take Charge of Your Charging


Gadget fans know that with their love of technology comes an excess of chords and often a shortage of power outlets. So to cope with this unfortunate externality, IDAPT has released a series of compact charging stations designed to help reduce clutter while still supporting your various device charging needs. Capable of charging three separate gadgets simultaneously, each I3 ships with six popular charging tips used by the most popular portable electronics. However a total of 22 different tips are available for purchase in addition should any of your gadgets not be supported.

According to IDAPT, doing the math means that through this unique dock and its accessories, over 3,500 devices are compatible with the base station. It can even handle rechargeable batteries, so those of you still playing your Sega Game Gear can feel safe knowing you have backup after an hour of game play. These extra adapters though aren’t as cheap as we’d like them to be and average around $15 a pop. Still for the truly OCD technophile in need of a more clean and organized charging solution, the cost might be worth it.

Sold currently in 3 different colors of Black, Silver, and Pink, users have some flexibility to match their pad with their home decor. Versions in red, orange, green, and blue, are apparently also on the way for even more selection.

[via Coolest-Gadgets via Forevergeek]

Buy Now: IDAPT I3: $60| Additional Tips: $14

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