Looptworks Hoptu Laptop Sleeve

Save Your Laptop, Save the World.


Let’s face it – a laptop sleeve is a humble creature, easily overlooked, toiling in obscurity. Functional to a fault, its sole important purpose in the world is to protect your flashy MacBook from the knocks of everyday life. Until now. Enter the Looptworks Hoptu, the laptop sleeve that is doing its part to save more than your vacation photos and iTunes music. It’s doing its part to save the planet.

As we wrote about last year, Looptworks is a company that takes fabric scraps from clothing factories around the world and makes new, unique clothes out of it. They call it upcycling. We call it smart and green. In the case of the Hoptu, it’s upcycled wetsuit neoprene. A perfect material to pad a laptop, the neoprene used would have ended up in a landfill and written off as scrap by wetsuit manufacturers.

The Hoptu comes in two sizes to fit standard 15- or 17-inch laptops. Besides smelling like a dive shop (in a good way), the Hoptu is a little more flashy than your typical laptop sleeve. Available in orange or black, there is decorative stitching and zippers in contrast colors to add some flair. Small pockets on the sleeve are perfect for business cards and a USB drive. The Hoptu might just be one laptop sleeve you take out and leave on the desk. Aside from its unique looks. It’s a great conversation starter and you can impress your colleagues and clients when you tell them you’re doing your part to be green.

Buy Now: $35

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