This Week in Tech and Science: March 30, 2016

The Oculus Rift is reviewed, Jupiter gets hit, a dual SIM card solution for travelers and more.


The Oculus Rift is reviewed, Jupiter gets hit, a dual SIM card solution for travelers and more.

On the Radar

Reads and New Gear

Upgrade to a Landline. Wait, Really?

This week Google announced a home phone service called Fiber Phone. It’s an additional $10/month for Google Fiber subscribers. Like your standard home phone, users can use call waiting and caller ID. And with its voicemail, the Fiber Phone will transcribe your messages and text or email them to your cell phone.

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Big Changes to Instagram

Instagram added a couple new features, including a 60-second video upgrade (previously the max had been 15 seconds). They’ve also upgraded their browser interface, adding both notifications, similar what you get on Facebook, and an explore tab.

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One iPhone 6, Two SIM Cards

No longer do international travelers need two separate phones. The Krimston Two is a dual SIM phone case that works with iPhone 6/6s — essentially it gives users a personal and work line all in one phone. It syncs with all your contacts and works exactly the same as your phone normally would, except it also functions as a power bank and wi-fi hotspot.

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Watch an Asteroid Hit Jupiter

On March 17, two amateur astronomers recorded videos that show what’s either an asteroid, a comet or something else colliding with Jupiter. Watch the footage here.

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Nintendo’s Social Network Goes Mobile

On Thursday (tomorrow), Nintendo’s social networking app, Miitomo, will launch on Android and iOS devices. The app is in Q&A format between Nintendo’s avatars (known as Miis), which users can create and customize themselves.

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The First Reviews of the Oculus Rift Are In!

The Verge breaks down the new VR headset, giving it an 8 out of 10. See their pros and cons here.

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Reviews and Buying Guides

Advice from the Crew

Inside the Company Turning NYC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

The city of New York is replacing their old pay phones with new wi-fi kiosks. The company behind this initiative: LinkNYC. Read the Story

Review: Garmin’s New Smartwatch Tracks Every Stat You’ll Ever Need

A fitness-tracker smartwatch that will make you want to get up and run. Read the Story

Noteworthy Reads

Stories from Around the Web

Snapchat had a major update this week. They added, among other things, a voice feature, stickers and a new messaging service. Read their press release here.

The FBI finally hacks into the iPhone without Apple’s help. The New York Times has the details.

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