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Grace Allegro WiFi Radio

An Attractive Option for Internet Audio


In the age of technological convergence, many electronics manufacturers have tried to release devices that do everything. While it may be happening with the best of intentions and lofty ideals, currently the result is that many consumers wind up with goods that may perform like jack of all trades, but fail to master anything. Going against the flow, Grace Digital Audio on the other hand hasn’t strayed from creating excellent wireless radio’s and speaker solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. The Allegro Wifi Radio ($153) is no exception and offers buyers with instant access to a range of popular audio streaming services including: Pandora, Sirius Internet Radio, Live 365, and CBS Radio, without turning on a computer. For those who prefer to be their own DJ though, it also easily accepts streaming music from your computer.

In terms of power, the Allegro is capable of running off of six AA batteries or an optional NiMH rechargeable battery, as well as wall power, making it great for listening to tunes anywhere a wireless signal can be picked up. Couch potatoes can change what’s playing using the included remote, or download the company’s free iPhone app for more detailed control from a far.

Buy Now: $153

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