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Google Just Launched an iPhone Keyboard for GIFs and Emojis

Because you weren’t texting fast enough.


Attention iOS users: Google just launched an app that will change the way you text and search the internet. It’s called Gboard, and it integrates Google’s search engine with the iPhone keyboard that you’re already using. With Gboard, you can answer a text with a Google search result without leaving your messaging app. So if someone asks you a question — what’s the weather supposed to be like? Did the Yankees win? What time is your flight? Where’s the restaurant? — you can drag and drop the pertinent info from the keyboard. Additionally, Gboard can also embed emojis and GIFs — which means no more leaving your text to go and hunt down the perfect response on Giphy. Essentially, it’s designed to save you time.

Gboard isn’t exclusive to the iOS messaging app. It also works with any iOS app that has a keyboard; meaning, if you want to send a GIF via email, tweet a YouTube video of Messi’s stunning goal, or send an emoji via Bumble or Tinder — you can. Google has also incorporated Glide Typing into Gboard, so instead of tapping a key, you can just slide your finger from key to key.

Gboard is only available in English in the US, as of now. Google does promise that more languages will be available in the future.

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