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11 Productivity Apps for the Home and Office

Boost productivity and slice away work?


Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for 2017.

There’s plenty you can change about yourself and your work environment in order to boost productivity, but there’s no harm in leaning on technology to squeeze out a bit more. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite apps for your home and workplace — if you’re a fan of getting things done quickly and fuss-free, give ’em a look.

Additional contributions by Tucker Bowe.


Keeping track of all your passwords can get difficult — nearly impossible, for some. This app does it for you, in a secure and easy fashion. Just memorize one password to open the app, and 1Password will automatically grant you access to any of your other accounts. Also, if you open a new account, 1Password will generate an ultra-secure password for you, and you won’t have to memorize it. Frustrated because you always have to reset your passwords? Download this app. apple.com

For lovers of simple to-do lists, there may be nothing better than Clear. To use it, simply add a new task and then swipe right to complete it. So, if you’ve used a dating app before, this should be a cakewalk. apple.com

Get all your news in one place. This app creates one continuous feed of live data, taken from the websites that a user frequents the most. It even lets users filter their data by categories, i.e “sports” or “tech and science.” Instead of jumping from website to website, save time with Feedly and get everything you need at once. feedly.com

One of the most powerful organizational tools available today, this app enables individuals and businesses alike to compile lists, track changes, set up reminders, and keep tabs on any number of ongoing projects. It’s a modern project-management system made better by its approachable user interface and its support for basically every mobile and desktop platform available. wunderlist.com

If your teams aren’t communicating on Slack, you’re probably doing it wrong. Slack deserves all of the hype heaped upon it. It’s a beautifully built chat tool that allows teams to segment themselves by hashtag, easily search archived conversations and never miss a moment with customizable alerts and support for both mobile and desktop. slack.com

Google Docs
Every tech company says it’s mastered the art of collaborating in the cloud, but Google speaks the truth. Google Docs can be used on any modern browser and on every major phone platform, enabling distributed teams to comment, make suggestions, and watch as changes are laid out in real time. (Google also does Spreadsheets and Presentations in the same manner.) google.com/docs

Perhaps the most unsung app in existence for those in corporate environments, this app scours all of your calendars — from Google to Exchange — and intelligently dials you into upcoming conference calls. The real magic here is that it’s able to convert any calendar invite into a one-tap dialing process. To reiterate: it doesn’t matter how or where the dial-in information is inputted; MeetingMogul will enable you to call in with one tap, which is a godsend for road warriors who take calls (hands-free, of course) doing 70 mph on the interstate. meetingmogulapp.com

Evernote is a tried-and-true way of keeping track of your consciousness, and it just seems to get better with age. While businesses will no doubt appreciate the app’s paid packages, which enable elaborate work chats and dedicated file storage, the free version still works wonders for the self-employed and for small operations. Evernote’s real magic sits in its infinite flexibility. You can organize, annotate, hashtag, or collect your thoughts and clippings from the Web in any way imaginable — whatever makes the most sense for you. To boot, it syncs across desktop and mobile platforms, enabling you to make changes wherever you are. evernote.com

There’s something magical about being able to sign a 40-page contract using you the screen on your phone. SignEasy is a polished signing app that makes importing, signing and saving completed documents to the cloud a cinch. For businesses that collect John Hancocks on the regular — law firms, real estate offices, etc. — the $80-per-user-per-year fee ain’t half bad. getsigneasy.com

You know those Post-It boards scattered about Silicon Valley? Trello is the digital version of that, enabling distributed teams to share ideas, move items from In Progress to Completed, and generally keep tabs of where everything stands in their business. Plus, it syncs across all major mobile and desktop platforms. trello.com


Chances are you have more than one email address. Alto is a simple email app that distills all your email accounts into one stream. AOL, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail — all in one place. altomail.com

Additional contributions by Tucker Bowe.

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