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The Must-Have Tech to Keep Your Gadgets Working Abroad

Communication doesn’t have to stop, or be expensive, when you’re out of the country.


Traveling abroad is stressful enough. Don’t make it worse by limiting the functionality of your smartphone and laptop. The following apps and accessories are designed to make your everyday gadgets work as seamlessly abroad as they do at home — without crippling you with overage charges. They’ll also help you better explore a new city. After all, you’ll still need to check email (and look at Instagram) when you’re out of the country.

WhatsApp Messenger
For a quick and simple text and photo messaging solution, from across borders, this is the free app you want. It’s compatible with iOS and Android, and uses your phone’s internet connection (4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or wi-fi) so there are no extra fees. Learn More: Here

Video call and instant message anybody in the world, for free. The VoIP service also allows users to call and text anybody’s mobile phone — although this comes with a fee. Learn More: Here

Krimston Two
This is the world’s first dual-SIM solution for iPhone users. No more swapping SIM cards in and out of one phone. It also doubles as a portable power bank and wi-fi hotspot. Learn More: Here

TEP Hotspot
This wi-fi hotspot delivers unlimited data for up to five people at a time, for a daily fee. It’s a cure-all solution for families traveling across Europe, Asia and South America. Rent Now: $9.95/day

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides
This city guide app is fully functional offline. Simply download a city guide while you’re connected to wi-fi, and then you have access to TripAdvisor’s crowdsourced reviews. It’s ideal for spontaneous restaurant and hotel searches. Learn More: Here

Transit App
Plan trips in over 100 cities across North America and Europe with this app. It shows travelers every transportation option (subway, bus, bike, train, ferry, Uber, etc.) and, with its intuitive UI, it can display real-time info for accurate fastest-route options. Learn More: Here

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