Need Inspiration? Here Are Some of the Instagrammers We Follow

The accounts we scroll through when we’re slacking off at work.


There are over 500 million users on Instagram. Finding the cream-of-the-crop requires some digging around, which we’ve done before: We’ve found the best Instagrams for seekers of adventure inspiration, for passionate foodies and cocktail snobs, for the ultra style-conscious and for lovers all things with engines and wheels. Now it’s time to peek into our personal favorite Instagram users.

AJ Powell, Associate Staff Writer


@danorst: Between his time splices and aerial time lapses, Dan Marker-Moore’s feed is visually captivating.

@adammoran: As Burton’s former team photographer and a professional action sports photographer, Moran provides a glimpse into the behind the scenes lives of professional snowboarders.

@johnkeatley: His series of iPhone portraits is simply brilliant. Also be sure to check out his family holiday cards.

@victoryjournal: They cover sports in ways that no one else does. If you’re into sports and the subcultures surrounding, Victory Journal is worth a follow.

@sweetgrassp: Stunning images and videos from the action sports world.

Andrew Connor, Associate Staff Writer


@petrolicious: I spend probably too much time looking at old cars online, so having the occasional blip from Petrolicious in my Instagram feed is a great way to continue to feed my insatiable appetite for vintage driving.

@bikeexif: If I’m not looking at old cars I’m looking at old bikes, and few outfits have as tasteful a curation as these guys.

@sungsdynasty: I’ll promote another colleague’s account — our motion photographer, Sung Han, whose camerawork is inspirational.

@itsdougthepug: Pugs are fucking hilarious.

Bradley Hasemeyer, Contributing Writer


@fourtillfour: A username with a riff on the Porsche 356; this is a coffee shop but posts mostly beautiful vintage shots of Porsches, McQueen and the occasional gathering around cold brew. (The photo shown here is a repost from Alloy + Grit Magazine, and was taken by @abrahamthen)

@topodesigns: I’m a fan of the brand, and their Insta feed is full of “I should leave work for a few days and do that” type shots.

@steepSkiing: I met Chris Davenport on a Bentley ski trip a few years back, and if you like powder (or wish you were somewhere other than 110 degrees) his feed is a nice mix of coffee table book shots and regular “isn’t this cool” pics.

@wahlchristopher: He’s a portrait photographer who has done work for huge mags and newspapers. Maybe the only feed where you’ll see Novak Djokovic in action, Dame Helen Mirren in studio and Christopher’s own kid on the soccer field.

Bryan Campbell, Associate Staff Writer


@ralphgilles: He may be the head of design at Fiat-Chrysler, but Ralph Gilles is a lover of all cars. His account comes off as an average car lover’s would, except for the fact that he has incredible access to an insane amount of car events.

@natgeoCreative and @natgeotravel: Nat Geo is a default follow for any lovers of nature photography, so @natgeotravel and @natgeaocreative are pretty much extra credit images you don’t normally see on the publication’s main feed.

@petrocamp: If Instagram existed back in the ’70s. #nofilterneeded

@therevinstitute: Just a daily dose of vintage car porn.

@paulnicklen: Basically a director’s cut of @natgeo’s feed (take this gruesome photo, for example.)

Caitlyn Girardi, Editorial Apprentice


@nycarchives: This account is run by the NYC Dept of Records. If you like to geek out on historical stuff, they post insanely cool archival photography, documents, etc.

@acquireMag: For their drool-worthy cars.

@asenseofhuber: Graphic designer Kyle Huber is my favorite Instagrammer. His photos and videos are fun, colorful and creative. My favorite franchise, which has its own side account, features two baby turtles (who recently appeared on Nickelodeon) and is called #TurtleTuesday.

@thevenuereport: Since it found out I was engaged, Instagram keeps curating these awful “wedding inspiration” photos and videos for me (read: pink, sparkly, etc.). A wedding account I actually enjoy, though, is @thevenuereport, which posts unique reception locations and decorations, all with a consistent aesthetic. Plus, their venue-finding website is extremely helpful and no-nonsense.

@natgeo: National Geographic posts beautiful photographs, but what keeps me coming back are actually the captions. They really tell a story about the who, what, where, when and why of every subject, especially on human portraits.

Henry Phillips, Photography Manager

instagrammers_we_follow_HPhillips_final copy

@vibes: A random assortment of very dope things.

@abovecategory: Marin County bike shop that deals with some of the most beautiful bikes in the world.

@periodcorrect: How the hell they get the cars they get is beyond me; I’m just happy they’re sharing.

@nicholasmaggio: Incredible photographer, always makes me feel like he knows something about light that I don’t.

Matt Neundorf, Contributing Writer


@nostalgia_memoir: Jun Song has an incredible eye and his subject matter is an automatic winner with me.

@eparrillaphotos: Another moto shooter doing a great job behind the lens. His portrait work is pretty special, too.

@sinuhexavier: Sinuhe is one adventure shy of becoming the most interesting man in the world.

@othellonine: Scott Rankin is a fellow Canuck that I’ve had the honor of working with twice. The man has his lighting and framing down to a science.

@freshoffthegrid: Ever feel like leaving the daily grind for a life of constant adventure? Michael and Megan did just that. They’ve been on the road for just over a year and deliver inspiration and killer camp recipes on the reg.

Michael Finn, Editorial Apprentice


@thiswildidea: Photographer Theron Humphrey roams America in search of interesting people and epic adventures. Frankly, I’m not so interested in his adventures as I am in his adorable coonhound, Maddie, and how the hell he gets her to pose so perfectly.

@thailandtextbook: Because when I think of Thailand, I think of home, and sometimes I get homesick.

@fosterhunting: Do not look at Foster Huntington’s photos if you are perfectly happy with your perfectly normal life. You’ll become restless. You’ll wish you were living in a gorgeous treehouse, with all your best friends, atop a hill overlooking a vast wilderness in Oregon.

@macdemarco: Mac Demarco is a crusty, gap-toothed hipster who makes damn good rock ‘n’ roll. He also writes the funniest captions ever. Not everyone will appreciate his sense of humor — vulgar, immature, rife with dick jokes and absurd hashtags — but I can’t get enough of it.

Tucker Bowe, Associate Staff Writer


@moore_rachel: World traveler. Skilled photographer. And beautiful. Only downside, I think she owns a cat.

@henrysp: Henry has been at GP for well longer than myself. His two career highs were getting 300+ likes on a Ford photo and meeting J. Tucker Bowe. He’s really self-conscious, so leave critical comments on his posts.

@taylorfreesolo: Snakes. Wildfire. And Jared Leto. And that’s only her last three Instagrams. Plus she’s commonly paired with Renan Ozturk. (They’re married.)

@thesabahdealer: Already have two pairs. Unfortunately, looking at this Instagram only makes me want to spend more.

@liverpoolfc: Red or Dead.

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