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BeSpeak iPhone App

Suit Yourself


Men’s fashion expert Alan Flusser, author of Style and the Man aims to help men make the most of their wardrobe. The BeSpeak (Free, iTunes), takes things digital. It works by first creating a personal profile based on information you submit about your skin tone, hair, eye color, body size and shape, face shape, and neck height. It then uses this information to determine what colors look best on you.

For example, based on a high contrast profile, BeSpeak recommends garments with “high to medium intensity colors in order to frame face and enliven presence.” Each recommendation includes a suit, dress shirt, tie, and pocket square, along with an ensemble quality score of between 1 and 10. Higher scores indicate “how well a garment matches your profile”, while skill scores measure “the complexity of an outfit.” In addition to providing recommendations for matching, BeSpeak enables users to upload photos of garments in their closet for inclusion in the app. There are some kinks though, when we attempted to test this feature by uploading a photo of a tie, BeSpeak was unable to identify any of the colors in my tie, which was burgundy. Otherwise, this is a solid must-have for style-conscious iOS device owners.

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By Brendan Wilhide

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