Carr Amplifiers Artemus

Amped Amp


Constructed in their Pittsboro, NC based shop, Carr Amplifiers is a company with a well-established reputation of passionately making amps. This fervor has driven the shop to produce guitar amplifiers that are made of unique circuit designs, point-to-point construction, hand-crafted cabinets, and superb, if not very unique, sonics. The Artemus ($1,990+) embodies that. It’s a Class A amplifier powered by four EL84 power tubes giving it an open, clear sound, capable of handling detailed overdrives. Additionally, the Artemus is completely wired by hand in a solid pine dovetailed cabinet, outfitted with a polypropylene satellite (aerospace grade) capacitor power supply, and features selectable 15 or 30 watt power output. The sound? Bloody fantastic.

Buy Now: $1990+

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