iPort for iPad

There's a Wall-Mount for That

You spent $500+ getting yourself a sleek, portable, app-running machine, that is, the iPad. Now, what better thing to do than judiciously mounting it into one of the most permanent things in life: your home’s walls. The iPort CM2000 Control Mount ($499) integrates into your wall (portrait or landscape) with an iPad instantly creating an upgradable, in-wall touchscreen system far superior to others that become antiquated the moment they’re released. Use it for weather, news, family announcements, Pandora, security systems, or home automation controls – all you need is an app. An iPod Touch version is also available and pairs perfectly with those USB enabled power outlets. Our question: who doesn’t want an in-wall installation of Angry Birds?

Buy Now: iPad ($499) | iPod Touch ($250)

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