Nest Cam Indoor Is More Than Just a Smart Security Camera

You can use it as a baby monitor, too.


The problem with traditional home security cameras is that they were meant for just that: security. With the new wave of smart home security cameras, like Nest Cam Indoor ($199), that tune’s changed. Nest Cam is versatile, affordable, and designed so that you can interact with it every day, whenever you want. And yeah, it still keeps that watchful eye.

Installing Nest Cam Indoor is simple — just plug it in and download the Nest app. The camera is on 24/7 (no batteries required), and when you open the app, you get a live video stream in 1080p HD, which can be checked from wherever, whether you’re connected to wi-fi or LTE. The camera’s 130-degree wide-angle view ensures a full lay of the land. There’s also a built-in mic and speaker so you can communicate with whoever is in the room.


Field of View: 130-degree wide angle
Resolution: 1080p HD at 30 fps
Night Vision: yes
Battery: none
Features: built-in mic and speaker
Buy Now: $199

Being smart, Nest Cam Indoor can send users push notifications when somebody (or something) is in their house, and it records video and creates a timeline of the day so users can go back and see what happened at specific times. The app’s Sightline feature identifies key moments on the timeline, skipping over the boring parts of the day. The camera has a stock three-hour memory, but with a Nest Aware subscription (starting at $10/month), you can view a full 10- or 30-day history.

Whether you’re somebody who likes to check in on the kids, make sure everything’s okay at home, or simply daydream at work about what the dog is doing right now, Nest Cam Indoor is your solution to home security (and so much more).

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