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Give the Best Gadget This Valentine’s Day

Get this right, and you’ll be beloved.

Chase Pellerin

Men shopping for women, let’s tread on these waters conscientiously, because, despite best intentions, this is a space that can be misinterpreted. So, taking the responsible route here, the first rule of thumb is you need to have a conversation. It won’t spoil the surprise; it won’t be painful. This is a mandatory step, or, at the least, you need to be confident in her opinion — confident because, perhaps, you’ve had the conversation before. If toys aren’t already a part of your relationship, begin by inquiring into interest level, then ask for any specific insight. She may be more knowledgeable than you think, and she’s definitely more knowledgeable than your intuition.

The second rule of thumb plays off the first: talk to someone who knows. Venture into a trusted retailer, like Babeland, and have an honest conversation. We trust specialty retailers in many areas and this is no different; the associate will help guide you to a worthwhile investment. If this option isn’t available, buy from a trusted brand, like Lelo. Lelo is one of the leaders in the “luxury vibrator” world, offering a variety of reliable, well-designed toys (which also come in tasteful packaging). There’s no tacky here. Toys are gadgets, too, and Lelo is the Apple of the vibrator world.

From there, feel free to indulge a bit — this is a gift, after all. A 100 percent silicone casing should be standard (it’s easiest to clean), and look for something with a decent battery life (an hour or more) — no one wants the toy to die down once things are heating up. From there, keep her considerations in mind and remember, as long as you’re both on the same page, this is a gift that’ll be endearing for years to come.

Ina Wave

Best for Upping the Game: The Ina Wave is a “Rabbit”-esque toy made to imitate a lover’s fingers. It offers both internal and external stimulation, and with 10 different vibration and wave settings, there’s a vibration pattern for every preference.

Buy Now: $199

Lelo Gigi 2

Best for Getting in the Game: This is an update on Lelo’s bestselling toy. The new version boasts quieter vibration (no one wants a diesel-rumble in bed), and the arced design is great for external or internal stimulation. There are eight different vibration settings, and one charge offers two hours of fun.

Buy Now: $139

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