Google Maps Just Updated and It’s Better Than Ever

The latest update benefits commuters, drivers and anybody looking to discover something new.


Google updated the Google Maps app today, showing once again why it’s still the king of navigation apps. Users can now access three separate tabs — Places, Driving and Transit — by swiping up on the map screen. The Places tab provides a list of places, like nearby restaurants or bars. You can also find things like nearby ATMs or gas stations. The Driving tab gives you real-time ETAs to home and work, provided you have your home and work addresses saved. The Transit tab works much the same as the driving tab, but it gives you recommendations for which bus or train to take, using real-time traffic data.

None of these updates are revolutionary, but for well-versed Google Maps users, they make navigation and discovery more intuitive and life a little easier. The update is available for Android devices today. An update for iOS is expected, though no release date has been announced yet.

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